Board Games and Posters

Board and Card Games, Charts, Posters, more!

It's time to indulge our kids in our splendid and highly interactive games made just for them. These games are designed in relation to the flash cards that they may have been introduced to.

They are made to sharpen their memories and test their understanding in a very fun and interactive way.

These indoor games are a healthier and safer option for play and fun, and a great way to complement fun from outdoor activities. So, whether they play around the table in the classroom, or play as a family time activity, the child is guaranteed a quality and educative time.

Let’s help our children explore and have fun with our new fun-packed indoor games!

  • Memory Match Game
  • Consonant Blend Board Game
  • Digraph Board Game
  • Number & Counting Charts
  • English Alphabet Charts
  • Consonant Blend Charts
  • Digraph Charts