These incredible illustrations, bold letters and numbers, mixed with fun tracing and work activities will get children hooked to learning.


There are many products in Flash Cards that are designed to fit in pockets and bags of school children. Take a moment to see them here.​

CVC Short Vowel Sounds

This is a set of 5 pocket books, packed with strong cvc words in bold writing designed to empower the child to sound a CVC word.

classroom display

There is no better way to learn and have fun than with digraph and consonants board games. It is a great way to engage the class or family.


In this set of books, children will learn about sounds and the letters that correlate to them. They will also learn the difference between digraphs and consonant blends.

Science around us

These introductory science books cover a variety of subjects with hand-on activities. The child will have a chance to explore beyond the examples in the book.

What our users think

"Thanks for the books. My daughter Eliana is really benefitting from the books. She is holding it everywhere and looking into it all the time. It is amazing to see how she is engaging with the material. Thank you again"
Kweku Obeng
"This product is everything. It’s amazing how my daughter just wants to learn. It is the only thing that gets her fullest attention. I am really happy I found your products through her class teacher"
"Overall, I am glad that some really nice, quality and effective things are being done in Ghana now. I have a full set of all the Digraphs and Consonant Blend cards. We are really learning a lot from it"
Michael Ogoo
"We use many of the books in our classroom and use them as home work books too. The phonics set really gets the kids reading well. Our kids look forward to homework time because they love the activities and colouring stuff in the books"
Agatha Menlah