Vowel & Consonant Digraph Flash Card

Vowel & Consonant Digraph Flash Cards
Age: 5-6yrs

Digraphs are single sounds that are derived from two different letters of the English alphabet. Digraphs in this pack are made up of double vowels, double consonants and a combination of the two.

There are 27 Vowel & Consonant Digraph Flash Cards in this pack. Each flash card consists of a digraph sound, an illustration and five (5) supplementary words with digraphs on the flip side. The digraphs in this pack consist of the following: ar er or qu ai ue oi oo(short) oo(long) ie ee ou th(voiceless) th(voiced) wh ck sh ng oy wr ch ph kn ay ow oa and ea

To make it more fun, we have introduced and included a Digraph Board Game with its accessories in this pack!

This pack also includes a literature guide for parents and caregivers to help make their child(ren)’s learning process easier and interesting. A few more activities have been outlined to make teaching and learning more fun and interactive.

This product is right for children between 5 and 6 years old. Smarter fours can also get busy with Pace Digraph flash cards.