Phonics Activity Books

Phonics come in a set of three beautiful activity books: BOOK A, B and C.

Pace LR Phonics Book A includes a lot of letter tracing and beautiful illustrations that help the child connect beginning sounds to it. The combination of tracing, colouring and reading keeps children engaged and wanting to learn more.

Pace LR Phonics Book B, as a medium level activity book, includes the beginning, middle and ending sounds of naming words (nouns). There are lots of two and three-letter words, picture-sound puzzles and drawing activities, making it a great build-up from Book A.

Pace LR Phonics Book C is the advanced Book of Phonics Book A and B: with vowels sounds, consonant clusters, digraphs, short picture words, short stories, puzzles and many other activities. From this book, your child is already reading.

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