Science Activity Books

Science Activity Books Level 1 & 2


Some of the lessons include

  1. Parts and care of the human body
  2. Five human senses
  3. Healthy foods
  4. Plant parts and needs
  5. Water— Sources, uses and water cycle
  6. The weather and seasons
  7. Living things and non-living things
  8. Animals — Birds, insects, aquatic animals, animal homes
  9. Animal types, baby animals, life cycles and food chains
  10. Matter— Solids, liquids and gases
  11. The solar system
  12. Natural resources
  13. Energy
  14. Transportation
  15. Waste and recycling

The study of science has become an integral part of modern living. Science is the basics of technology, health, art and life. This means it is very important for children to grasp the basics of science at a very early age, so that they will develop an early interest in it. The objective of this book therefore, is to introduce some of the very basic findings about life, objects and space. This book will not give all the answers, but will offer a good talking point in some subject areas.