Consonant Blend

Consonant Blend Flash Cards
AGE: 5-6yrs

Consonant Blends prepare your child(ren) to begin reading fluently. Before this is achieved, the sounds of the English alphabet should have been learned.

This pack contains 25 Consonant Blend Flash Cards with extra 5 blend words under each blend. Behind each card is an illustration to give your child(ren) a clue to the word beneath the card.

Each pack contains the following blends:

sl pl gl fl cl bl pr gr dr sk cr br tw sn sm sw sc st sp spl spr fr tr str and scr.

In addition, there are over 150 supplementary consonant blend words to help introduce them to a lot more words.

To make it more fun, we have introduced and included a Consonant Blend Board Game with its accessories in this pack!

There is a literature guide that also suggests a few exercises to adopt in helping your early reader pick up various tricks in sounding blends. 

This product is targeted at children between 5 and 6 years old.